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SFS² – Surf For Sanity

SFS² (Squared) or “Surf For Sanity” is all about the freedom that surfing gives you. It has been somewhat of a formula for four mates for over 15 years, where we could just jump in the car, strap some boards to the roof, $10 in our pockets and just wing it the whole way up the coast, surfing, skating, and sleeping under the stars.

While times may have changed a little since then, the spirit is still very much alive in all of us. We hope you enjoy our website, please feel free to make comments, like our facebook page, check out instagram or twitter or just say Hi.

The Surf For Sanity website is the brain child of Mick Slattery – (Slatz) who wanted to bring this formula to life and share the stoke of all things Surf, skate, SUP, longboard, photography, art and everything in between.

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Slatz – Mick Slattery

I have grown up surfing, skating and snowboarding and more recently Stand Up Paddling and have always loved art especially old school skate art, surf art, street art and photography.
I have a passion for photographing the ocean and empty waves epecially capturing the light and texture as the waves breaks, and I am always trying different angles and strive for something different.

I surf and skate every chance I get and enjoy trying differnt boards and taking different lines on a wave.

Slatz at Lances Left, Mentawai’s in 2010


Dan – Daniel Hampson

I have lived around the water all my life, whether it be surfing, sailing, fishing or stand up paddling. The thought of going to far inland gives me the shakes. Although I have found my skateboard can be a worthy substitute on occasion.

A suit from 9-5, I jump at any chance to be creative, surf or skate. I love getting out on all types of boards, at the moment I have a real curiosity for getting back to the basics, exploring boards like timber Alaias and handplanes.

My photography, surfing and life are intrinsically intertwined. My cameras come with me everywhere I go. From surfing my local spot, to walking the streets of Sydney at lunch, to playing with my kids in the backyard I’m always looking at every situation in moments and frames


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