Bureo - Skateboards making clean waves - Patagonia Investment

Bureo – Skateboards making clean waves – Patagonia Investment

Millions of tons of plastic enter our oceans each year. According to the United Nations, old fishing gear accounts for more than 10% of plastic pollution. Fishing is a global industry and this is a global issue – it leads to major degradation of our ocean ecosystems.
Patagonia is excited to announce a seed investment in Bureo Inc., a company that has established a fishing net collection and recycling program along the coast of Chile – transforming the waste into sustainable skateboard decks.


Bureo was launched by three friends (Ben, David, Kevin), their project was founded through a deep connection with the ocean environment. Becoming aware of the various threats to our waterways, they made it their mission to do something about ocean plastics. Their answer was ‘Skateboards for Plastic-Free Oceans’.


Patagonia’s investment comes through its $20 Million & Change fund, which we launched in 2013 to help innovative, like-minded startups bring about solutions to the environmental crisis and other positive change through business. Or, in Yvon’s words, to help entrepreneurs and innovators succeed in “working with nature rather than using it up.”

Bureo Skateboards from Bureo Skateboards on Vimeo.



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